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General Information

Eligible Exhibitor Organizations:

IPW provides a cost-effective marketplace that offers "one-stop shopping" for pre-qualified international and domestic buyers to learn about and purchase U. S. travel products and services from eligible U. S. suppliers.

In order to qualify to exhibit at IPW, organizations must meet the requirement of selling U. S. travel products and services to tour and travel operators and fall into one of the following categories:

  • Promoters of U. S. destinations (city, local, state and regional) including:
    • Destination Marketing Organizations;
    • Government Agencies: State and Territorial Tourism Office; Federal Agencies; and
    • Convention and Visitor Bureaus.
  • Organizations that sell U. S. travel and tourism products and services to tour operators and wholesalers including:
    • Accommodations & Food Service: restaurants; hotels; resorts; management companies; campgrounds; bed & breakfasts;
    • Attractions: amusement and theme parks; museums; cultural, historic and natural sites; casinos; shopping facilities; sightseeing; zoos; aquariums; dining/entertainment venues; attraction services; and
    • Transportation Companies: airlines; car and recreational vehicle (RV) rental companies; motorcoach; cruise lines; rail services.
  • Travel Packagers and Travel Service Providers who sell wholesale U.S. travel products and services including:
    • Receptive Operators;
    • Destination Management Companies (DMCs);
    • Associations that represent the U.S. travel and tourism industry; and
    • Travel service providers such as telephone services, credit cards and travel insurance.

Note: Exhibitor organizations can only sell U. S. travel products and services to buyers at IPW. U. S. suppliers are not permitted to sell their products and services to other U. S. suppliers, unless they are registered as a domestic buyer.


Ineligible Organizations

The following organization categories do not qualify to exhibit at IPW:

  • Print, broadcast, and interactive media;
  • Universities;
  • Advertising;
  • Public Relations;
  • Consulting;
  • Research Servicing Companies; and
  • Financial institutions and Services such as:
    • Marketing systems (SEO/SEM, advertising, email campaigns, social media, web design); and
    • Distribution channel management, Revenue and reservation systems.

While not eligible to exhibit on the show floor, these types of organizations can take advantage of IPW’s newest feature, the Partner Marketing Pavilion. This exclusive opportunity allows marketing organizations to promote products and services to IPW attendees from a highly visible lobby area of the convention center. Benefits include: participation in the appointment scheduling process with U.S. suppliers; access to the ipw.com database; and attendance at official luncheons and evening events. Learn more.

Online registration is password protected and requires login codes. If your organization attended in 2014, we will email login codes to your organization's Primary Contact submit your 2015 registration.

- Registration Fees - Exhibitors

To be eligible for the member rates, 2015 member dues must be paid by February 27, 2015, regardless of when the registration purchase was made. If the dues payment is not received by February 27, 2015, the Non-Member Rate will be applied to the IPW registration invoice (paid or unpaid) and balance billed.

Have your login codes? Register Now.

If you need login codes, please submit the brief Login Code Request Form.

Download step-by-step registration instructions.

The Key Contact for the booth is solely responsible for notifying U.S. Travel Association of any booth or delegate changes/cancellations.

To register or substitute a delegate or make a change, click here. Payment must be included for each additional registration; however, there is no charge for name changes/substitutions. Cancellations of individual exhibitor or shared booth registrations made by December 12, 2014, will receive a 100 percent refund. Cancellations of individual exhibitor or shared booth registrations made by January 9, 2015, will receive a 50 percent refund. Any cancellations made after January 9, 2015, and any no-shows that occur onsite will not be eligible for a refund.

All cancellations or changes to your booth size or requested booth location, must be submitted in writing to U.S. Travel at ipwreg@ustravel.org. A 50 percent refund will be given if the booth is cancelled by December 12, 2014. No refund will be issued for booths cancelled after December 12, 2014.

Take a few moments to review the upcoming U.S. Supplier/Exhibitor Key Dates and Deadlines.


IPW's success is dependent on the quality and quantity of buyers that it attracts. With input from both the International Advisory Committees and U.S. suppliers, buyer delegates are invited to participate in IPW and are pre-qualified based on their proven capability to sell the USA as a travel destination.

If you would like to nominate buyers who produce a significant amount of USA business, but are not currently on our invitation list, you can provide their names, organization names, and contact information by email via the appropriate link below:

Nominate an International Leisure Buyer

Nominate a Meeting & Incentive Buyer

Nominate a Domestic Buyer


Delegate Information

Each organization must designate one of their delegates as the Key Contact. The Key Contact serves as the liaison between your organization and U.S. Travel in organizing your participation in IPW. Other delegates in the booth must go through their Key Contact to obtain information such as the ipw.com login and password for updating the organization profile, requesting appointments, and for the list of pre-scheduled appointments. Key Contacts should also instruct their exhibit booth delegates to go online to reserve housing when the housing bureau opens.

Note: If you designate a Registration Contact who is different from the Key Contact, that Registration Contact will receive all correspondence from U.S. Travel prior to IPW and will be responsible for your organization's compliance with the Brand USA Marketplace Hall Rules and Regulations

Individual exhibitor and booth share delegate registration is open only to U.S. suppliers who have reserved a booth or who are participating in a declared booth share. Please note that individual exhibitor delegate registration fees are not included in the booth rental fee. In addition to the shared booth fee paid by the booth holder, each individual registered under the shared booth must also pay an individual registration fee.

View the 2015 Registration Fees - Exhibitors

If an exhibitor registers at a discounted rate, but payment is not received for that individual by the discount deadline, the discounted registration fee will not apply. U.S. Travel will amend the registration, applying the next applicable rate, and will balance bill the new amount due.

The individual exhibitor and booth share delegate registration fees include admittance to all official IPW functions, including meals and evening functions; local transfers for all official IPW events and activities; ground transportation from the airport to Host Hotels and back; and all publications issued as part of the registration package. These fees do not include booth rental, housing or other transportation. Payment must be received by U.S. Travel for an individual exhibitor delegate registration to be considered valid.

There is no spouse or family program, and no partial registration will be given for attendance at IPW social events.

The Marketing Delegate registration category was created for marketing and advertising professionals from exhibiting supplier organizations and their agencies of record. Registered marketing delegates can: expand their knowledge of the international inbound markets; learn the latest developments of Brand USA; meet with technology and marketing companies in the Partner Marketing Pavilion; network with buyers and suppliers at social events; and witness the commerce that takes place on the marketplace floor (Monday only). The Marketing Delegate badge costs $500 and provides access to the following:

  • Market Update (Sunday morning);
  • Educational and country profiles presented by Brand USA’s international offices (Sunday morning);
  • IPW Opening Event (Sunday evening);
  • Access to the Brand USA Marketplace Hall (Monday only);
  • Brand USA hosted Monday Luncheon;
  • IPW Monday Event; and
  • Brand USA Partner Engagement Session (Tuesday morning).

Exhibitor Information

Download the Brand USA Marketplace Hall Rules and Regulations.

Topics covered include:

  • Admission/Badges
  • Cancellation Policy
  • Prohibited Activities
  • Exhibitor Appointed Contractors
  • Booth Set-Up
  • Booth Tear-Down
  • Complimentary Booth Furniture Package
  • Booth Decor
  • Audiovisual
  • Security
  • Indemnification
  • Compliance
Individual exhibitor delegate registration fees are not included in the booth rental fee. Each individual registered in the booth must represent the exhibiting organization. Only if the exhibiting organization qualifies for, has declared, and paid for the Shared Booth option can individuals from non-booth-holding entities participate and represent their own organizations in the booth.

There is a limit of three 10' booth spaces per organization.

Rental of booth space includes:
  • one 4' draped table (white)
  • two white folding chairs
  • one wastebasket
  • one standard identification sign with booth number
Remember, you must submit the Optional Furniture Package Form (see Exhibitor Services section) to receive these items at no cost.

Booth carpeting is not included in the booth rental fee. The exhibiting organization is required to completely carpet the entire exhibit booth area. All booth spaces not appropriately carpeted shall, at U.S. Travel's discretion, be carpeted and/or corrected by U.S. Travel at the expense of the exhibitor. The exhibiting organization may bring their own carpet, but it must cover the entire exhibit booth area.
All additional décor must be ordered and paid for by the booth-holder directly with Freeman, the official service contractor.
The following types of organizations are eligible to share their booth with individuals from organizations other than their own:
  • Any non-profit association or destination promotion agency (states, CVBs, regional promotion agencies).
  • Any for-profit parent company may have representatives of its subsidiaries, franchise or management-owned properties in its booth.
Organizations participating in a declared booth share will receive:
  • An individual contact listing for the booth share organization will appear on ipw.com under the primary organization's booth listing, including organization name, delegates' name, title, address, phone, fax, website, and email address;
  • An organization listing in the exhibitor section of the Official Program; and
  • The booth share organization's name, city and state will be printed on the delegates' badges instead of booth-holder organization name.
Please note that companies participating in a Booth Share do not receive individual appointment schedules; the booth as a whole is eligible for up to 44 appointments and it is up to the Key Contact of the booth-holding company to assign the scheduled appointments to individuals within the booth once the appointment scheduling process has been completed.
At least one member of the booth-holding organization must be registered in the booth and should serve as the Key Contact. The Key Contact is the only person permitted to register the additional booth share delegate(s).

Key Contacts should register their booth share delegates through the online registration system. If you have purchased a Shared Booth and Shared Booth Occupant registrations, you can click here to assign those shared booth occupants online. All booth sharing organizations you have registered in the past will be available for selection. If you have new organizations that are not listed, email ipwreg@ustravel.org and we will add them to your list.

In addition to the shared booth fee paid by the booth holder, each individual registered under the shared booth must also pay an individual shared booth occupant registration fee.
U.S. Travel will make every attempt to accommodate exhibitor requests for specific booth locations, however no guarantees can be made that the exhibitor will be assigned the specific booth(s) requested. Booth locations are assigned by U.S. Travel on a regional basis. Requests for special locations must be submitted when you register online. U.S. Travel will honor such requests whenever possible. Requests for placement near another organization or a specific configuration of booths must be mutually requested from each organization's respective registration in order to be considered.

Booths will be assigned beginning in January 2015, and announced in March 2015. If an organization does not submit their location request, or purchases booth space after January 2015, U.S. Travel retains the right to assign the organization's booth space in any area of the Brand USA Marketplace Hall and make adjustments to the floor plan at any time that it deems appropriate. No rights or privileges are created for any exhibitor as a result of previous space assignments or years of participation in IPW. Please keep in mind that if you have not paid your 2015 registration in full, you will not receive your booth number confirmation until payment is received.

IPW's interactive floor plan allows viewers to zoom, pan the map, view exhibitor information, search for exhibitors and use the favorites feature. Click on the question mark (?) icon on the floor plan for helpful tips on using this new tool.

Exhibitors can use the “I Am Here” technology to e-mail their booth location to the buyers and press.

  1. Click the desired exhibitor name on the floor plan
  2. The company profile card appears
  3. Click the "email a friend" icon - this creates a unique booth ID and "I am Here" coordinate
  4. Send a single email by clicking on the email icon next to the URL address

Once posted, the interactive floor plan will be updated once a week to include new exhibitors or booth changes. Even though a booth may appear to be available on the floor plan it is possible that it has been assigned but not updated online yet. If you have any questions regarding the interactive floor plan, contact ipwreg@ustravel.org.

View the Brand USA Marketplace Hall Floorplan - Coming Soon

Freeman is the official show contractor for IPW.

If you are using an exhibit service contractor other than Freeman, please note that U.S. Travel requires advance notification. The following must be submitted by April 17, 2015:

  • Completed  Exhibitor Appointed Contractor (EAC) Form; and
  • Certificates of Insurance for the following:
    • Workers compensation providing at least $100,000 in coverage and meeting the requirements established by the State of Florida; and
    • Comprehensive general liability providing at least $1,000,000 in coverage and naming U.S. Travel Association, Freeman and Orange County Convention Center as additional insureds.

Please note: An exhibitor may use a representative from the exhibiting organization to assist with set up and dismantling of the booth; however, if that representative is not a registered IPW delegate, advance notification of that representative's contact information must be given to U.S. Travel for pre-approval (access will only be given during exhibitor move-in/move-out times). Submit this information using the Exhibitor Appointed Contractor (EAC) Form by April 17, 2015.

For more information on EACs, please refer to the Brand USA Marketplace Hall Rules and Regulations, item number 4.

Exhibitor Services

Freeman’s exhibitor services website contains complete information on booth shipping, installation, carpet and furniture rental, and booth accessories such as floral arrangements, Internet and phone service, and electricity. Please note each vendor's deadlines as they may vary.

Freeman Quick Facts - Coming Soon

Freeman Online Services website - Coming Soon

Green Tips for Exhibitors - Coming Soon
Freeman provides a basic complimentary furniture package to exhibitors; however, exhibitors must submit the order form by Friday, May 7, 2015, to take advantage of this offer. Orders placed after the deadline will incur a fee.

Complimentary Furniture Package form - Coming Soon
Shipping to Freeman

Pay close attention to the following shipping periods and deadlines. Plan accordingly and use the appropriate label below.

Advance shipments to the Freeman Warehouse - Coming Soon

Shipments to Freeman at the McCormick Place - Coming Soon
Order forms (posted in March 2015) pertain to several different service providers. Review the deadlines listed on each form as they may vary.

Audio Visual Order Form- Coming Soon

Carpet Order Form- Coming Soon

Floral Order Form- Coming Soon

Internet, Cable TV, and Phone Order Form- Coming Soon

Security Order Form- Coming Soon

Appointment Information

Business appointments at IPW are pre-scheduled based on international and domestic buyer and exhibitor requests according to a priority matching system. Booth-holders may submit up to 50 appointment requests per booth space. Once the Online Appointment Request period closes, computer-generated appointment lists are distributed to attendees and Manual Scheduling opens.

Exhibitors can pre-schedule up to 44 appointments per booth (not per delegate). Please note that companies participating in a booth share do not receive individual appointment schedules; the booth as a whole is eligible for up to 44 appointments. It is up to the key contact of the booth-holding company to assign the scheduled appointments to individuals within the booth once the appointment scheduling process has been completed. If booth-holders do not receive the maximum 44 appointments during the online appointment request period, the manual scheduling feature will be available to request and receive additional appointments.

In addition, we offer options that allow exhibitors to purchase additional appointments, group appointments with nearby booths, and to opt out of appointments with certain buyer and non-buyer types.

Please keep in mind that if you have not paid your 2015 registration in full, you will not receive your booth number confirmation, have access to request appointments, and the buyers will not be able to request an appointment with you.

The Extra Appointments Option is designed for exhibiting organizations who wish to increase the number of appointments they can schedule. If you purchase the Extra Appointments Option, you will have the opportunity to request an additional 20 appointments for a possible total of 64 appointments per booth space.

Exhibitor appointments are scheduled with the booth-holding company, not with a particular individual registered under that booth. If you purchase the Extra Appointments Option, the additional appointments are managed by the Key Contact. They are not assigned to another registered delegate in the booth.

If your organization has received fully booked schedules in the past and is able to handle additional pre-scheduled appointments, the Extra Appointments Option may be useful for you.

Mutual appointment requests still have the highest priority in the scheduling process though such requests are not guaranteed. By allowing you to make additional requests, we improve your chances of getting more appointments. Please be staffed to handle additional appointments.

We do not recommend this option for first time exhibitors or exhibitors who have not had full schedules in the past, unless you are confident you will have high demand for appointments from the buyers.

Please note, once Manual Scheduling is active, the Extra Appointment option is no longer available for purchase, and no refunds will be issued.

Extra Appointment Option Fees
 MembersBoard Level MembersNon-Members
Single Booth$250$250$300
Double Booth$500$500$550
Triple Booth


The fee is non-refundable once the computerized appointment scheduling process begins.
This option allows exhibitors with multiple adjacent booths to combine their appointment schedules to be part of a "Scheduling Group," which prevents a buyer from being scheduled for more than one (1) appointment with this group. Each organization within the Scheduling Group must add the Multiple Booth Scheduling Option to its shopping cart during the registration process AND submit the Multiple Booth Scheduling Option form.
In addition to international leisure buyers, U.S. suppliers will have the opportunity to meet with qualified meeting & incentive buyers, international journalists, Visit USA Committee Chairs and Commercial Service representatives in formal, pre-scheduled appointments during the official Business Appointment Sessions that take place on the show floor.

Exhibitors who prefer not to meet with the above mentioned groups should select and add the appropriate “Opt-Out” item to the shopping cart when registering online.
  • Meeting & Incentive Appointment Option - Opt Out
  • Press Appointments Option - Opt Out
  • Visit USA Committee Appointments Option - Opt Out
  • Commercial Service Appointments Option - Opt Out

Opportunities to Maximize Your Exposure

U.S. Travel offers numerous cost effective opportunities for U.S. suppliers to reach international buyers and press during the show, including:
  • Official Program Ads
  • Banners, Carpet Logos, & Tower Ads
  • IPW.com Ads
  • IPW Daily Ads
Learn more.
Sponsorships at IPW begin at $5,000 and will help promote your organization to over 1,000 U.S. travel organizations and 1,500 International and Domestic Buyers.

Learn more.
Exhibitors wishing to increase their visibility at IPW can take advantage of the following opportunities to create additional awareness of their product or destination:
  • Brand USA Media Marketplace Package
  • Online Press Room
  • IPW Online Marketplace
  • Hotel Room Distribution Service
  • Reserved Tables at Official Luncheons (Monday and Tuesday only)
  • Contact Lists
  • Lapel Pins
Learn more.