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When can I schedule appointments?

In mid-March, we will notify all exhibitor Key Contacts and buyers via email when the Appointment Scheduling system is open. You can then log into the My IPW portal using your individual number and password and start submitting appointment requests. (Note: On the exhibitors side, only Key Contacts have access to the appointments area).

Prior to the opening of the appointment system, you can use My IPW to start building prospect lists (under Find Delegates).

How many possible appointments are there?

There are a total of 44 appointment slots. For international and domestic buyers, each delegate can have up to 44 pre-scheduled appointments.

For exhibitors, the total number of possible appointments depends on the booth size:

  • 44 appointments for a single booth
  • 88 appointments for a double booth
  • 132 appointments for a triple booth
How many additional appointments do I receive with the Extra Appointments Option?

When purchased prior to the online appointment scheduling deadline, this option allows exhibitors to request, and possibly receive, an additional 20 computer-generated appointments per 10'x10' booth space.

During Manual Scheduling, purchasers see a full additional appointment book (minus any computer-generated appointments) allowing them to book up to 44 additional appointments.

This option is for exhibitors only

What is the Exhibitor Group Scheduling Option?

This option allows exhibitors with multiple adjacent booths to combine their appointment schedules to be part of a "Scheduling Group," which prevents a buyer from being scheduled for more than one (1) appointment with this group. Each organization within the Scheduling Group must add the Exhibitor Group Scheduling Option to its shopping cart during the registration process AND submit the Exhibitor Group Scheduling Option form.

How are appointment requests matched?

Online Appointment Requests are computer-generated according to the following priority matching order:

  • Mutual international buyer and exhibitor requests International buyer requests
  • Mutual domestic buyer and exhibitor requests
  • Domestic buyer requests
  • Up to fifteen (15) exhibitor requests
  • Mutual exhibitor and marketing and technology provider requests
  • Marketing and technology provider requests
  • Journalist requests
  • Visit USA Committee members/Commercial Service delegate requests

Use ipw.com to contact the buyers or exhibitors with whom you wish to meet at IPW. Be sure they know you are attending and ask them to request an appointment with you. This will dramatically increase the chance of having an appointment pre-scheduled since priority is given to mutual requests.

Why did I not receive a full schedule of appointments?

There could be numerous reasons, for example:

  • The schedule of the buyer or exhibitor you requested was full.
  • There was no interest from the buyer.
  • Your schedule did not have an open appointment time that matched an open appointment time on that of the buyer or exhibitor you requested.
  • The floor distance was too far for the buyer to travel between appointments.

Once you receive your appointment schedule, you will be able to access the Manual Scheduling system and manually request additional appointments where you have open time slots.