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Updated FAQs

The following list of FAQs has been updated to include guidelines IPW has adopted for 2021 to adhere to our social distancing and capacity rules and create a welcoming and comfortable environment for our international delegates.

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Exhibitor Booths

Can I attend IPW without purchasing a booth?

No. This is an appointment-based show and exhibitors are required to occupy booth space in order to meet with buyers.

What is included in a standard booth?
  • Draped 8' back wall and 36" side rails
  • Sign with company name and booth number
  • Complimentary booth package, which includes a draped 4' table, two chairs, and one wastebasket. (Optional Furniture Package Form from the Online Exhibitor Services Manual must be submitted to receive this package.)
What is the booth height limit?

We are transitioning from 10’ to 8’ booth height to match industry standards. Variances may be given to previously-built 10’ high booths. Contact IPW show management with questions.

What is the max number of people allowed in my booth?

Max Numbers per Booth

*Board Representatives do not count towards total (applicable to Board Circle and Chairman’s Circle members).

**Assumes that booth holder purchases maximum number of additional appointment schedules and registers their Board Representative (applicable to Board Circle and Chairman’s Circle members).

What is an Express Booth?

The Express Booth option is a turnkey, cost-effective solution for exhibitors with a limited budget. Includes one registration and the ability to pre-schedule up to 22 one-on-one appointments with traditional IPW buyers (with potential for an additional 22 appointments during Manual Scheduling).

What is a Connect TOUR Table Top?

The Connect TOUR Table Top option is a turnkey, cost-effective solution for U.S. suppliers targeting only the Connect TOUR domestic buyer audience. Includes one registration and the ability to pre-schedule up to 44 one-on-one appointments with Connect TOUR domestic buyers .

What is included in an express booth?
  • Branded graphic and sign with company name and booth number
  • Express booth furniture package: one table, two chairs and one wastebasket (No need to submit the Optional Furniture Package Form from the Online Exhibitor Services Manual.)
  • Key Contact Registration
What is a Booth Share?

Certain booth-holding organizations such as non-profit associations (e.g., state tourism offices and CVBs) and for-profit parent companies such as hotel chains (e.g., Hilton Hotels Corporation, Marriott International, etc.) are eligible to share their booth with other individuals from organizations that are members of those associations, or subsidiaries and franchises of those for-profit companies. There is a fee for the Booth Share Option. All individuals registered as part of a Booth Share must pay the individual Shared Booth Partner Delegate registration fee.

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What do organizations participating in a declared booth share receive?
  • The booth-sharing organization will appear under the booth-holder's organizations listing on ipw.com. The booth partner's sub-listing will include the organization name, delegates name(s), title, address, phone, fax, website, and email address.
  • An organization listing in the Exhibitor section of the Find Delegates search results on My IPW and the mobile app. 
  • The booth partner organization's name, city and state will be printed on the delegates' badges instead of booth-holder name.
  • A contact listing for the booth partner organization will appear on ipw.com under the booth-holder's organization listing.
When will I get my booth confirmation?

When all of the booths have been assigned and entered into the database, the Key Contact will receive an email with their booth assignment (in mid-July).

How do I know where my assigned booth is located?

In mid-July, when booth assignments are distributed, we will also publish a link to the interactive floor plan, which shows the layout of the Brand USA Marketplace Hall with regions and individual booths.

Note: Express Booths will be located in the new Express Booth Pavilion, not in the geographic regions of standard booths.

Why did I get the booth location I was assigned?

Based on the region you designated and any requests you specified when you registered online, it was the best location available at the time of assigning space.

What are booth set up hours?
  • Saturday: 8:00 a.m.-5:00 p.m.
  • Sunday: 8:00 a.m.-5:00 p.m.
  • Monday: 7:00 a.m.-8:00 a.m.

Show hours are:

  • Monday: 8:30 a.m.-5:00 p.m.
  • Tuesday: 8:30 a.m.-5:00 p.m.
  • Wednesday: 8:30 a.m.-5:00 p.m.
How does the social distancing space impact my booth size?

Single booths will be spaced 6’ apart for social distancing. This 6’ of space will be fully enclosed with 3’ side rails on the front and sides and 8’ backwall drape.

Exhibitors with multiple booths will not have these enclosed areas within their booth. This 6’ of open space will be included in their footprint. Therefore, exhibitors with multiple booths will have larger usable footprints for IPW 2021:

IPW Booth Sizes

See our Brand USA Marketplace Hall rules and regulations for more information.

My booth is larger this year. Do I need to create a new backwall?

No. Exhibitors with multiple booths (doubles, triples, quads, etc.) have the following options:

  • Center a smaller backwall in your booth, leaving space on either side. Freeman will provide white drape for the space on the sides.
  • Create a backwall that spans your whole width.

See renderings of the different ways you can configure a double booth. The same logic applies to triple and quad booths.

What can I put in the 6’ of social distancing space?

Exhibitors with multiple booths (doubles, triples, quads, etc.) can place decor items or storage cabinets in this space, however furniture is not allowed. Single booths may not utilize the social distancing space on either side of their area.

Can I set up my own booth?

Yes, if no tools are required to do so. If any kind of tools are required, you must use U.S. Travel Association’s official Contractor or appoint your own.

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What is Freeman required to do and what can my EAC do?

All tables and chairs must be ordered through and set by Freeman. An exhibitor-appointed contractor can provide carpet, registration counters, etc. and they can design, install, dismantle your booth structure as long as they are registered as an EAC before August 6.

What is an Exhibitor Appointed Contractor?

Exhibitor appointed contractors (EACs) are independent contractors hired by an exhibiting company and can include booth builders, supervisors or designers, independent display companies, delivery personnel or technicians. They are used in place of U.S. Travel Association’s official contractor, Freeman. (Note: In order for employees of these contractors to gain access to the Brand USA Marketplace Hall, the exhibitor must submit their completed Exhibitor Appointed Contractor Form and related certificates of insurance by the deadline date posted on the Key Dates and Deadlines.)

Download the EAC Form

Can I use unregistered co-workers to set up my booth?

Yes, but advance notification of that representative's contact information must be given to U.S. Travel for pre-approval (access will only be given during exhibitor move-in/move-out times). Submit this information using the Notification of Intent to Use Non-Registered Staff or Agents of Exhibiting Organization for Booth Set-Up/Dismantle Form.

Download the Form

Can I bring my own booth furniture?

Not at IPW 2021. Per IPW’s COVID-19 regulations, all exhibitors must utilize the complimentary booth package or purchase an upgraded furniture package from Freeman.

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When will I receive my Exhibitor Services Information?

In mid-July, we will post exhibitor services resources online and email all exhibitor Key Contacts the link to Freeman's online Exhibitor Services site.

Do I need to order carpet?

No. Exhibitors are not required to carpet their booths at IPW 2021.

Can I have a raffle/prize drawing in my booth?

No. They are prohibited on the show floor.

If I downgrade or cancel registrations, can I roll over my money to IPW 2022 in lieu of a refund?

No, you cannot roll over your money to future IPW trade shows.