Appointments - Everything You Need to Know

Over the course of the three show days, there is the potential for a total of 44 appointments. The initial round of appointment requests are submitted online via Following the submission deadline, appointment requests are scheduled based on the Priority Matching Order.

Appointment Matching

The appointment scheduling algorithm matches appointments in a Priority Matching order. In addition, the program takes booth location into consideration so that buyers are not crossing the exhibit hall for back-to-back appointments.

Tip to Improve Priority Matching

Log into the My IPW portal to contact the buyers and U.S. exhibitors with whom you wish to meet at IPW. Be sure they know you are attending and ask them to request an appointment with you. This will dramatically increase the chance of having an appointment pre-scheduled because priority is given to mutual requests.

Priority Matching Order

Mutual International Requests

Mutual international buyer and U.S. exhibitor requests

International Requests

International buyer requests

Mutual Domestic Requests

Mutual domestic buyer and U.S. exhibitor requests

Domestic Requests

Domestic buyer requests

U.S. Exhibitor Requests

Up to fifteen (15) U.S. exhibitor requests

Mutual U.S. Exhibitor Requests

Mutual U.S. exhibitor and marketing and technology provider requests

Marketing/Technology Requests

Marketing and technology provider requests

Journalist requests

Journalist requests

Committee Member/Delegate Requests

Visit USA Committee members/Commercial Service delegate requests

Online Appointment Request Breakdown

Category # of Requests Allowed Maximum # of Potential Appointments
U.S. Suppliers/Exhibitors and Marketing and Technology Providers (per booth) 50 44
U.S. Suppliers/Exhibitors with Express Booth 30 22*
International Leisure, Meeting & Incentive, and Domestic Buyers; Visit USA and Commercial Service Representatives 50 44
International Airline Representatives See note below 44
International and Domestic Journalists 25 15

Helpful Notes

  • The number of appointments listed for exhibitors/marketing and technology providers is per booth space, not per registered delegate.
  • Express Booth exhibitors may only match up to 22 pre-scheduled appointments but will have access to the remaining 22 appointment slots during manual scheduling, for a potential total of 44 appointments.
  • Connect TOUR Table Top exhibitors may only schedule appointments with Connect TOUR Domestic Buyers, not with traditional IPW buyers, media or other international delegates.
  • International airline representatives can only accept U.S. supplier requests during the computer-matched appointment scheduling session; they cannot submit requests for appointments until Manual Scheduling opens.
  • Journalist delegates have the potential for fewer appointments on the show floor due to other responsibilities and mandatory activities scheduled during the show days. (Note: These appointments are in addition to the 20 Media Marketplace appointments).
  • Appointments you requested that could not be scheduled will be listed on your appointment schedule indicating why the appointment could not be made. During Manual Scheduling, you will have the opportunity to request appointments with those organizations with whom you did not receive a pre-schedule appointment.

Payment Policy: Please keep in mind that if you have not paid your 2021 registration in full (if applicable), you will not have access to request appointments or receive your appointment schedule.

Log into My IPW

How to Navigate Appointment Scheduling

Through the online appointments system you can submit appointment requests for the Marketplace Hall (show floor) and the Media Marketplace (press and participating exhibitors only). The system is open for about six weeks and then closes so that the computer algorithm can match requests and generate the appointment schedules.

You can save time during the appointment requesting period by creating your prospect list before the system opens. Just log into My IPW using your individual login codes and use the Find Delegates feature. Search results will include an "Add Prospect" button to save the company to your prospect list. Then, when the appointment scheduling system opens, you can view your prospect list and easily add requests for those companies you have already identified as targets. Learn more.

Need instructions on Requesting Appointments? Select the audience guide that's right for you.

Remember, your IPW 2021 registration must be paid in full in order for you to access the appointment system.

What is Manual Scheduling?

Manual Scheduling provides you with an opportunity to request appointments with companies or individuals who were not pre-scheduled through the initial appointment request system.

When you access the Manual Scheduling system, you have the option of viewing/printing two important lists:

  • Requests made by you that were not scheduled
  • Requests from other companies for you that were not scheduled

The second list in particular is a great resource - these companies have already indicated that they want to meet with you!

What Can I Do Through the Manual Scheduling System
View and print/export your appointment schedule
Request additional appointments with organizations who have similar open appointments
Request cancellations or appointment time changes
Accept or decline any requests made to you
Schedule additional Media Marketplace appointments (if applicable)

Responding to Appointment Requests

Please respond promptly to all appointment requests you receive through the Manual Scheduling system so that your fellow participants can make the most of their schedule. If someone sends you an appointment request or cancellation request and you do not respond then you could be blocking an appointment time they could match with another company.

Note - If you do not accept or decline a cancellation, it will automatically be removed from your schedule after 48 hours

Media Marketplace Appointment Scheduling

PR delegates (from U.S. exhibitor organizations that purchased a Media Marketplace table) and media can request appointments during the initial appointment requesting period. The Media Marketplaces offers up to 20 appointments, each 10 minutes in length with a five-minute cross time.

Note: Express Booth and Connect Tour Table Top purchasers are not eligible to participate in the Media Marketplace. If you wish to participate in the Media Marketplace, you must upgrade to a standard booth and purchase additional registrations.

Note: Due to social-distancing restrictions and guidelines, the Media Marketplace Table is limited to one representative with one appointment schedule.

How to Navigate Manual Scheduling

Need instructions on Manual Scheduling? Select the audience guide that's right for you. 

Open Appointment Scheduling Sessions

On Monday, there is an Open Appointment Scheduling Session in the Marketplace Hall from 8:30-9:30 a.m. to provide buyers the opportunity to visit U.S. suppliers in their booths to schedule additional appointments. Tuesday also begins with an open appointment time (8:30-8:55 a.m.).

U.S. exhibitors are encouraged to be in their booths to meet and/or schedule appointments with buyers who may have open time periods.

IPW Message Centers

Additional appointments also can be scheduled on-site by using the Message Centers, our custom-designed search tool for locating and communicating with potential business partners attending IPW.

Open Networking Time

Open networking time has been built into the schedule after lunch to provide attendees with extra time to network in an informal manner, not necessarily in a booth appointment.

Appointment Scheduling Tutorials

To assist you in navigating our year-round business-to-business marketplace, we have developed print-friendly instructions to provide useful tips on key features such as: creating a prospect list; submitting appointment requests for the computer-generated appointment scheduling process; and managing your appointment schedule during the Manual Appointment Scheduling process.

Building Your Prospect List

Save time before and during appointment requests by searching for potential partners and creating your prospect list by logging into My IPW through the IPW Action Center.

You can refer to this list year-round and click on the listing to see the organization’s complete profile. You are also able to send emails to notify these organizations of special offers throughout the year.

How to Build Your Prospect List

Find prospects now

Submitting Appointment Requests

Log into My IPW to not only submit your requests, but also to contact the companies with whom you wish to meet and ask them to request an appointment with you. This will dramatically increase the chance of having an appointment pre-scheduled because priority is given to mutual requests

How to Request Appointments - Exhibitors

How to Request Appointments - Media Marketplace Exhibitors

How to Request Appointments - Marketing and Technology Providers

How to Request Appointments - Buyers

How to Request Appointments - Press

How to Request Appointments - Other International Delegates

Manual Appointment Scheduling

Manual Scheduling opens after the computer-generated appointment schedules are distributed. Through the Manual Scheduling System, you can view and print your appointment schedule; request additional appointments with buyers and exhibitors who have similar open appointments; request cancellations; and accept or decline any requests made to you.

How to Navigate Manual Scheduling

How to Navigate Manual Scheduling - Journalists

Media Marketplace Appointment Scheduling

PR delegates and media can submit requests for up to 20 appointments each. Appointments are 10 minutes in length with a five-minute cross time. Learn how to schedule Media Marketplace appointments using the tutorials below.

Note: Express Booth-holders are not eligible to participate in the Media Marketplace. If you wish to participate in the Media Marketplace, you must upgrade to a standard booth and purchase additional registrations.

How to Schedule Media Marketplace Appointments - Exhibitor Delegates/PR Representatives

How to Schedule Media Marketplace Appointments - Journalists