News Icon Brand USA Leverages the New Virtual Reality to Build the Future of Travel

Brand USA Leverages the New Virtual Reality to Build the Future of Travel

The nation’s destination marketing organization is maintaining a state of readiness and laying the groundwork for a path to recovery to help recharge the U.S travel and tourism industry.
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During this unprecedented stoppage in travel, and especially with so many in the U.S. travel industry scaling back their global presence, the ability to stay connected to target audiences and global distribution networks is both more important and more challenging than ever. Brand USA has brought forward a series of innovative solutions to help meet these needs and define for the travel and tourism space what the future of the industry might look like. 

Keeping the U.S. Travel & Tourism Industry Connected

Brand USA’s Global Marketplace, which launched this month, is a disruptive approach to solving the business-to-business needs of domestic partners (destinations, brands, receptive tour operators, federal agencies) and the travel trade alike. The always-on, virtual trade show platform enables travel buyers and suppliers to maintain critical business contacts, positions the United States to recapture its share of global arrivals, provides a more efficient and cost-effective solution than traditional trade shows and enriches the industry with compelling thought leadership and marketing content. The first in a series of virtual events hosted on the platform will be Brand USA Travel Week Europe 2020 from October 26-29. Christopher L. Thompson, president and CEO of Brand USA, says, “We are thrilled to launch Brand USA Global Marketplace in 2020. This is a ground-breaking digital platform that will enable U.S. partners and international audiences to foster meaningful business relationships and critical connections, at a time when it is needed most. Together, we’re building the future of U.S. tourism.” 

Other important Brand USA innovations include platforms that keep the USA top of mind among global consumers and seed the ground for a quick recovery. For example, Brand USA’s GoUSA TV streaming channel maintains a steady drumbeat of inspirational content. Recently developed playlists on GoUSA TV such as Black Voices, National Parks and Latinx Voices, further amplify the diversity and multicultural travel experiences across the United States. These stories and more can now be found on GoUSA TV’s expanded distribution channels, which include Samsung UK, GO Transit (Ontario Metro) and Wovenmedia. Viewers can also stream Brand USA’s award-winning film, America’s Musical Journey, on the multifaceted platform for the first time—further expanding the reach of this engaging and captivating film. 

Path to Recovery

Brand USA will continue to monitor a series of gating criteria on a rolling basis to determine when conditions are appropriate to launch a recovery campaign. These criteria include source market conditions such as air service, entry restrictions and consumer sentiment and behavior, as well as home market conditions such as viral spread, openness of destinations and attractions and partner desire to rejoin international marketing. 

Once there is sufficient and sustained progress against these criteria, Brand USA will use the best of its past efforts—including world-class cinematography and storytelling—and will leverage tour operators, airlines, online travel agencies and others to drive quick bookings to the U.S. The organization stressed that the recovery campaign will provide ample opportunities for partner participation and will support the needs of communities of all shapes and sizes to recapture the important contribution of international travel to local economies.