Booth Types

IPW offers several different booth types to accommodate your branding and budget. From the turnkey Express Booth to the expanded island booth, IPW exhibitors can choose the footprint that best suits their needs.

Standard (In-Line) Booths

Standard (in-line or linear) booths are located along an aisle with other exhibitors to the right and left. The standard booth space is 10' x 10' and may be purchased in multiples to create a larger footprint. Exhibitors purchasing multiple 10' x 10' booth spaces may request in-line placement or across-the-aisle, facing placement.

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Linear Booth Fees

Note: Eligible Chairman’s and Board Circle Members qualify for a complimentary 10' x 10' booth as part of their Member benefits package.

Booth Type Member Fee Non-Member Fee Max. Delegates
10' x 10' Booth $6,000 $10,000 4 per 10' x 10'
10' x 10' Shared Booth $8,000 $12,000 4 per 10' x 10'
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Express Booths

The Express Booth option is a cost-effective turnkey solution for exhibitors with limited budgets and offers the ability to request up to 22 pre-scheduled one-on-one appointments with the buyers (with potential for more during Manual Scheduling). Purchasers of an express booth may only register one delegate: the Key Contact.

The 6.5' x 6.5' Express Booth is placed in pods of four. Freeman, IPW’s official authorized general service contractor, will provide the branded graphic, identification sign, and carpet as well as the Express Booth furniture package.

Express Booth Graphics Instructions

Member Fee Non-member Fee Max. Delegates
Express Booth $3,800 $6,300 1
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Island Booths

The Island Booth, available to U.S. Travel Board and Chairman's Circle level members only,  can help maximize your visibility and creativity on the show floor while providing you with the flexibility for showcasing your shared booth partners (for qualifying organizations) or simply allowing you the additional space to design your vision in a larger way than the traditional in-line booths.

The deadline to register for an island booth is December 8, 2023, so don’t delay! (If you have already registered and wish to upsize to an island booth, please contact Caylie Cook for assistance.)

Island Booth Overview

Island Booth Fees

Island booths may be purchased in multiples or in combinations of 20'x20' and 20'x30' to achieve your desired footprint.

The required Island Booth Variance accounts for the two 10'x10' booth spaces that will separate the island booth from neighboring linear booths. The fee represents the complimentary 10'x10' booth space afforded board level member organizations plus one additional space. 

Booth Type Fee Max. Delegates
20' x 20' Island Booth $24,000 16 per booth
20' x 20' Shared Island Booth $32,000 16 per booth
20' x 30' Island Booth $36,000 24 per booth
20' x 30' Shared Island Booth $48,000 24 per booth
Island Booth Variance (max. = 1) $6,000
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Want to Learn More about or Upsize to an Island Booth?

Contact Exhibits Manager Caylie Cook. Must purchase by December 8.

Shared Booths

A Shared Booth differs from a "regular" booth in that eligible purchasers (booth-holding organization) can register delegates from eligible partner companies and provide them with additional visibility (see "Eligibility" and "Benefits of Sharing a Booth" sections below).

At least one member of the booth-holding organization must be registered in the booth and should serve as the Key Contact.

Note: Booth partners companies participating in a Shared Booth do not receive individual appointment schedules; the booth as a whole is eligible for up to 42 appointments and it is up to the Key Contact of the booth-holding company to assign the scheduled appointments to individuals within the booth once appointment schedules have been sent and manual scheduling goes live.

Shared Booth Eligibility, Rules and Fees

Any non-profit association or destination promotion agency

State and territory tourism offices, DMOs, CVBs, regional promotion agencies, etc., may have representatives from member hotels, attractions, etc., or smaller DMOs within the destination in the booth.

For-profit parent company

Any for-profit parent company may have representatives of its subsidiaries, franchise or management-owned properties in its booth.

The Key Contact is the only person permitted to register the additional booth share delegate(s).

The Key Contact is responsible for purchasing Shared Booth Partner Delegate Registrations and assigning them to partner companies through the My IPW portal. Booth partner companies do not purchase their own registrations.

Shared Booth Partner Delegate Registration Fee

In addition to the shared booth fee paid by the booth holder, each individual registered under the shared booth must also pay an individual shared booth partner delegate registration fee.

Benefits of Sharing a Booth:

An individual contact listing for the booth-sharing organization will appear on under the primary organization's booth listing, including organization name, delegate name, title, address, phone, fax, website, and email address.

Although the booth sign will list only the booth-holding organization name, each booth-sharing partner will have an organization listing in the exhibitor section of the mobile app.

The booth partner's organization name, city and state will be printed on the delegate badge instead of booth-holder's organization name.

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Booth Furniture and Decor

Maximum standard linear booth height is 8'. Maximum height for the island booth is 16'.

The linear booth rental includes an optional furniture package. Exhibitors must submit the Complimentary Furniture Package Order Form prior to the published deadline (see Exhibitor Services section) to receive these items at no cost. (The Express Booth furniture package is provided automatically, no form required.)

The package includes:

  • One 4' draped table
  • Two chairs
  • One wastebasket
  • One standard identification sign with booth number

All additional décor--including the required floor covering--can be ordered and paid for by the booth holder directly with Freeman, IPW's official general service contractor. Review carefully the Marketplace Hall Rules and Regulations for additional guidelines and restrictions on booth decor, carpeting, etc.

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Booth Location

Booth locations for standard and island booths are assigned by U.S. Travel on a regional basis.

Requests for special locations must be submitted when you register online. U.S. Travel will honor such requests whenever possible. Requests for placement near another organization or a specific configuration of booths must be mutually requested from each organization's respective registration in order to be considered.

U.S. Travel will make every attempt to accommodate exhibitor requests for specific booth locations; however, no guarantees can be made that the exhibitor will be assigned the specific booth(s) requested.

Express Booths are pods of four within the dedicated Express Booth Pavilion in the exhibit hall, not mixed in the geographic regions. However, a request to be placed within a specific region will be considered if the Express Booth is purchased by December 8 and there are enough express booth requests for that specific region.

Booths will be assigned beginning in January 2024, and announced in mid-March. If an organization does not submit their location request, or purchases booth space after mid-March, U.S. Travel retains the right to assign the organization's booth space in any area of the Brand USA Marketplace Hall and make adjustments to the floor plan at any time that it deems appropriate. No rights or privileges are created for any exhibitor as a result of previous space assignments or years of participation in IPW.

NOTE: All exhibitor invoices must be paid in full before any credentials will be distributed onsite. Unpaid invoices also impact access to the appointment scheduling system and distribution of appointment schedules.

Option for Marketing and Technology Providers

The following organizations, who are interested in promoting products and services to U.S. exhibitors, qualify to exhibit in the Marketing and Technology Pavilion, a highly visible location adjacent to the Brand USA booth: 

  • Marketing, advertising and public relations agencies
  • Print, online and broadcast advertising services
  • Consulting firms
  • Research and data services 
  • Financial institutions
  • Social and interactive media: SEO/SEM, advertising, email campaigns, social media, web design
  • Distribution channel management, revenue and reservation systems

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