Types of Delegate Categories

Individual exhibitor delegate registration is open only to U.S. suppliers who have reserved a booth (regular or shared) or who are participating in a declared booth share. Exhibitors may register up to three delegates per 10'x10' booth space. Thus, single booth holders may register up to three delegates; double booth holders up to six delegates; and triple booth holders up to nine delegates. (The complimentary Board Representative registration does not count toward the three delegates per booth space limit.)

These delegates fall into one of several delegate categories: Key Contact, Exhibitor Delegate, Shared Booth Occupant, One-Day Media Marketplace Delegate, Marketing Delegate, and Other One-Day Delegates (Monday-Only, Tuesday-Only, or Wednesday-Only).

There is no spouse or family program, and no partial registration will be given for attendance at IPW social events.

Note: Payment for all registration purchases must be received in full before any credentials will be distributed on-site.

What the Registration Fee Includes:
All meals and related functions which are an official part of IPW Anaheim
Round-trip airport/hotel/ground transfers in Anaheim and between function sites
All publications issued as part of the registration package

Delegate Registration Fee

No delegate registrations are included in the booth rental fee. Each individual registered in a booth must pay the delegate registration fee.

These fees do not include booth rental, housing or other transportation.

Download Registration Fees

Registering at a Discount Rate

If an exhibitor registers at a discounted rate, but payment is not received for that individual by the discount deadline, the discounted registration fee will not apply. U.S. Travel will amend the registration, applying the next applicable rate, and will balance bill the new amount due.

Key Contact Delegate

Each organization must designate one of their delegates as the Key Contact. The Key Contact serves as the liaison between your organization and U.S. Travel in organizing your participation in IPW. Other delegates in the booth must go through their Key Contact to obtain information such as the ipw.com login and password for updating the organization profile, requesting appointments, and for the list of pre-scheduled appointments.

Note: If you designate a Registration Contact who is different from the Key Contact, that Registration Contact will receive all correspondence from U.S. Travel prior to IPW and will be responsible for your organization's compliance with the Brand USA Marketplace Hall Rules and Regulations. The Registration Contact does not need to be a registered delegate; some exhibitors prefer to designate an administrative or other staff person to coordinate pre-show logistics.

Exhibitor and Shared Booth Delegates

For exhibitors who purchase a regular booth, all employees and booth partners beyond the Key Contact are registered as Exhibitor Delegates under the booth-holding organization's name. Purchase the Exhibitor Registration package for these full access delegates.

Exhibitors who purchase a declared shared booth will have two different types of full access delegates in their booth:

  1. The Exhibitor Registration package is for employees of of the booth-holding organization.
  2. The Shared Booth Occupant Registration package is for employees of any booth-sharing organizations. These generic Shared Booth Occupant Registrations are purchased during registration and are assigned to your booth partners during a separate step.

For those exhibitors who have purchased a Shared Booth and Shared Booth Occupant registrations, once you have identified your booth partners you will need to log into your booth share management screen to assign those Shared Booth Occupant registration packages to your partners. All booth sharing organizations registered in the past will be available for selection. If you have new organizations that are not listed, email us and we will add them to your list. You may assign Shared Booth Occupant registrations to up to two employees of any booth-sharing partner organization.

One-Day Media Marketplace Delegate

The One-Day Media Marketplace Delegate registration category was created for exhibiting supplier organizations who have purchased the Brand USA Media Marketplace package, and wish to bring in public relations/media staff to fill one (or both) seats at the Brand USA Media Marketplace on Monday.

The One-Day Media Marketplace Delegate badge costs $450 (limit: 2).

If you plan to assign one of your booth delegates to staff the Media Marketplace table, do not also purchase a One-Day Media Marketplace Delegate registration for that person. (Note: At least one booth delegate must remain in the booth to take appointments.)



The One-Day Media Marketplace Delegate Fee Includes:
Sunday IPW Opening Event
Monday Brand USA Media Marketplace
Monday Brand USA Media Marketplace Reception
Monday IPW Luncheon
Monday IPW Evening Event (if applicable)

Marketing Delegate

The Marketing Delegate registration category was created for marketing and advertising professionals from exhibiting organizations and their agencies of record who wish to meet with Brand USA and/or our Marketing and Technology Providers.

Registered Marketing Delegates can:

  • Expand their knowledge of the international inbound markets 
  • Learn the latest Brand USA developments
  • Meet with technology and marketing companies in the Marketing and Technology Pavilion
  • Network with buyers and suppliers at social events
  • Witness the commerce that takes place on the marketplace floor (Monday only)

The Marketing Delegate badge costs $500.

The Marketing Delegate registration is not the same as the One-Day Media Marketplace registration. If the delegate is only attending IPW to staff the Media Marketplace table (separate purchase required) on Monday, you should purchase the One-Day Media Marketplace Delegate registration.


The Marketing Delegate Fee Includes:
Sunday Market Update
Sunday Brand USA's Market Trends Update
Sunday IPW Opening Event
Monday Brand USA Marketplace Hall
Monday IPW Luncheon
Monday IPW Evening Event (if applicable)
Tuesday Brand USA Partner Engagement Session

Other One-Day Delegates

Registered booth-holding companies (not shared booth partners) may purchase a one-day registration for exhibitor delegates who will not be on-site for all three show days (Monday through Wednesday). A One-Day Delegate badge costs $500.

NOTE: An individual may only be registered with a single one-day registration (One-Day Media Marketplace, Marketing Delegate, Monday-Only, Tuesday-Only, or Wednesday-Only); if an individual is registered more than once using multiple one-day registration packages, the registrations will be cancelled and the individual will be re-registered as an Exhibitor Delegate. A revised invoice will be issued for the difference owed on the full access registration.