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Online registration requires organization login codes. If you or your organization attended in 2019, and still qualify for your category, we will email organization login codes to you to submit your 2020 registration. For the exhibitor category, organization login codes are sent only to the organization's primary contact.
Online Registration Instructions for Exhibitors

Already registered? Discover below what you can do through the My IPW portal (requires individual login credentials).

Organization vs. Individual Login Codes

IPW online registration requires a user ID and password. With the introduction in 2018 of the My IPW portal, which provides a personalized experience for all registered delegates, there is now a second set of login codes, and it is important to use the correct set for each access point.

Once you have submitted your initial registration, you will go through the My IPW portal to make any changes, purchase additional items, update the organization profile, make appointments, etc.

Organization Login Codes

To submit your initial online registration use the organization login codes (5-digit org ID and an alpha-numeric password). You will generally access the online registration site through “Register Now” links on and in promotional emails.

Register Now

To request your company login ID or company password click here.

Individual Login Codes

The My IPW portal (and the mobile app) uses the individual login codes (7-digit individual ID and a different alpha-numeric password).

The individual ID number is your 5-digit company number (e.g., 12345) followed by a period and 1-2 additional digits, e.g. 12345.12.

Note: Only delegates registered for the current year’s trade show will have access to the My IPW portal.

Log into My IPW

To retrieve your individual login ID or individual password click here.

Need Codes? Follow the Instructions Below to Obtain your Login Codes

If your organization has never attended IPW

Please submit the brief Login Code Request Form. You will receive your organization login codes within 3 business days (during peak times it may take longer). Please review the Key Dates and Deadlines for important registration deadlines. Due to the high volume of requests, we cannot guarantee that login code requests submitted fewer than 5 days in advance of a registration deadline will be processed in time for you to qualify for a particular registration fee discount or to submit your registration form before registration closes. 

If you are the new primary contact for an organization that has attended IPW in the past

Please email your full contact information to, and we will send your organization login codes within 3 business days.

Already Registered for IPW? Log into "My IPW"

After submitting your initial online registration, access the My IPW portal using your individual login credentials  to prepare for IPW. Here, you can build your prospect list, view invoices or print receipts, update your organization profile, make registration changes and much more. Additional actions vary by registration category.
Online Registration Instructions for Exhibitors

Note 1: If you are an exhibitor, marketing and technology provider or booth share delegate (not the Key Contact), you only have access to search for registered companies/delegates and view their organization profile.

Note 2: The online registration instructions do not apply to the Marketing and Technology Pavilion (MTP), which requires a sponsorship agreement. Registration and registration changes/additions are processed by the MTP registrar.

Log into My IPW

To retrieve your individual login ID or individual password click here.