Connect with Registered Media On-site and Online

IPW has bundled together the two most popular media opportunities into one Media Marketplace Package providing greater value and maximizing the visibility of participating U.S. exhibitors. The package includes a full day of Brand USA Media Marketplace activities on Wednesday, May 12, plus full access to the IPW Online Press Room when it goes live 30 days before the start of IPW (see below for more details).

The package can be purchased via the online shopping cart and is expected to sell out quickly. To participate in Brand USA Media Marketplace, U.S. exhibitors must be a registered standard booth-holder (not available for express booths) and purchase a Media Marketplace Package in advance. Pricing: $1,150 (members)/$1380 (non-members) through December 11, 2020; $1,350 (members)/$1620 (non-members) beginning December 12). Note: This fee does not include any registrations. See below for staffing options.

Due to space constraints, booth-holding exhibitors have priority in Media Marketplace. Booth-sharing organizations requesting the Media Marketplace package will be placed on a waitlist and will be assigned if space is available. Express Booth-holders are not eligible to participate in the Media Marketplace (if interested, they must upgrade to a standard booth and purchase additional registrations).

The Brand USA Media Marketplace takes place on Wednesday, May 12, due to IPW 2021's shifted day pattern. See schedule below.

What is it?

This all-day event is the best way for U.S. suppliers to connect with media and to pitch story ideas on-site. The Brand USA Media Marketplace floor will be arranged alphabetically by state and will include sections for national companies and the federal government.

How Do I Register My Representatives?

Each Media Marketplace Table can have a maximum of two representatives and two appointment schedules.

Media Marketplace package purchasers have 3 options for staffing their table:

  • Assign 1-2 of your registered booth delegates to staff the table and take appointments (Once notified, IPW staff will link the delegates to the Media Marketplace and add their appointment schedule.)
  • Purchase 1-2 One-Day Media Marketplace Delegate badges if you choose to bring in a PR rep(s) just to work the Media Marketplace.
  • Assign one registered booth delegate and purchase one One-Day Media Marketplace Delegate registration.

The One-Day Media Marketplace Delegate badge costs $500 (Members)/$550 (Non-Members)
Limit: 2 (Not available with Express Booths)

If you plan to assign one of your booth delegates to staff the Media Marketplace table, do not also purchase a One-Day Media Marketplace Delegate registration for that person. (Note: At least one booth delegate must remain in the booth to take appointments.)

How Does it Work?

The Brand USA Media Marketplace offers up to 20 appointments each lasting 10 minutes with a five-minute cross time. Appointments are pre-scheduled during the appointment requesting session. All Media Marketplace delegates (international and domestic media and PR delegates from U.S. supplier companies that purchased the Media Marketplace package) will be notified when this option is open.

May 12 2021

Brand USA Media Marketplace: Session I

9:10 a.m.-12:25 p.m.

Appointments 1-12 with a break from 11:05-11:20 a.m.

IPW Lunch

12:40-1:55 p.m.

Brand USA Media Marketplace: Session II

2:15-4:10 p.m.

Appointments 13-20

Brand USA Media Marketplace Reception and IPW Travel Writer Awards

4:10-5:30 p.m.

IPW Online Press Room

The "Online Press Room (Single Purchase)" package offers exhibitors (standard or express booths) and booth-sharing organizations not participating in the Brand USA Media Marketplace the opportunity to interact with the nearly 500 international and domestic journalists attending IPW, pitch ideas for new and exciting U.S. travel stories, and drive traffic to their trade show booth. Available through the online shopping cart for just $495.

Participating exhibitors and booth-sharing organizations can upload four new press releases and photos, one video, and unlimited archived releases to a dedicated, branded online press room. The four new releases will also be included in the daily IPW U.S. Supplier news feeds sent to all participating journalists. The IPW Online Press Room goes live 30 days before the start of IPW and remains available until August 31, giving media a valuable resource for their U.S. travel stories.

Quick Guide to the Online Pressroom


More than 84% of media logged in and started researching stories within 24 hours of the site going live last year.


During the show itself, there were 900+ unique log-ins from media doing additional research while on-site.


The Brand USA Media Marketplace always sells out! Don't miss out on this popular opportunity. Contact us to learn more. 

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Interested in Purchasing this Package?

To participate in the Brand USA Media Marketplace, U.S. suppliers must be a registered booth-holder and purchase a Media Marketplace Package in advance.