Appointments at IPW

IPW connects marketing and technology solution providers with suppliers of U.S. travel product (exhibitors) and travel buyers during three intensive days of appointment-driven business activity. Marketing and Technology Pavilion exhibitor schedules offer the possibility of up to 42 pre-scheduled appointments to meet face-to-face with U.S. suppliers and travel buyers, creating a highly productive, unique environment to negotiate future travel business to the U.S. Expanded open networking periods allow for additional “drop in” appointments on-site.

Appointment Scheduling at IPW

Business appointments at IPW are pre-scheduled based on a priority matching system.

Manual Scheduling opens after the computer-generated appointment schedules are distributed. Learn more about Appointments below.

How it Works

Standard 10' x 10' MTP booth key contacts may submit up to 50 appointment requests per booth space, with a maximum of 42 possible appointments (per booth, not per delegate).

Express MTP booth key contacts may submit up to 30 requests for a maximum of 22 pre-scheduled appointments.  

Once the online appointment requests period closes, system-generated appointment schedules are distributed and manual scheduling opens. Express MTP booth key contacts will then have access to the full 42-slot appointment book.

Who's Responsible

It is up to the key contact to assign the scheduled appointments to individuals within the booth once the appointment schedules are distributed.

If you do not receive the maximum number of appointments permitted during the online appointment request period, the key contact may request and receive additional appointments through the Manual Scheduling feature.

Where do Appointments Take Place?

Appointments with other exhibitors will take place in those exhibitors' booths.

Appointments with buyers will take place in the Marketing and Technology Pavilion (MTP) booths.

At least one MTP delegate must remain in the booth during business hours to handle buyer and walk up appointments.

Payment Policy

Please keep in mind that if you have not paid your 2024 registration in full, you will not receive your booth number confirmation, have access to request appointments, and the other delegates will not be able to request an appointment with you.

Manual Scheduling

Through the manual scheduling system, you can view and print your appointment schedule; request additional appointments with exhibitors and buyers who have similar open appointments; request cancellations; and accept or decline any requests made to you. Please respond promptly to all appointment requests you receive through the manual scheduling system so that your fellow participants can make the most of their schedule.

Manual Scheduling Benefits

Over the course of the three show days, there is the potential for a total of 42 appointments; however, it is possible that you might not receive the maximum number of pre-scheduled appointments through the matching process. The manual scheduling system offers an opportunity to request additional appointments to fill open slots.

Extra Appointments and Fees

The Extra Appointments Option is designed for MTP exhibitors who wish to increase the number of appointments they can schedule.

  • Purchasing this option provides for the possibility of an additional 42 concurrent appointments for the booth, i.e., two appointments per time slot. This is not a separate schedule managed by a second individual in the booth. NOT available with Express MTPs.
  • This package must be purchased prior to the opening of the online appointment request system. Purchase Deadline: February 9, 2024
  • Fee: $300

This option is offered and can be confirmed in your signed Letter of Agreement. To add it after your contract has been processed, email the MTP Registrar.



Benefits of Extra Appointments

You will have the opportunity to request an additional 50 appointments for a possible total of 84 appointments per booth space (two concurrent appointments in each time slot).

If your organization has received fully booked schedules in the past, the Extra Appointments option allows you to maximize your face-to-face time with exhibitors and buyers by confirming additional appointments to your schedule.

By allowing you to make additional appointment requests, you maximize your appointment-matching potential, ensuring your schedule is full and your time optimized.

Opting Out of Buyer Appointments

Marketing and Technology Providers who wish to schedule appointments only with U.S. exhibitors may opt out of buyer appointments, be it ALL categories or any of the following sub-categories:

  • international leisure buyer
  • meeting and incentive buyer
  • domestic operator buyer (domestic tour operator, domestic wholesaler and domestic retail agency)
  • receptive operator buyer
  • OTA buyer
  • marketing and technology buyer

This option is offered and can be confirmed in your signed Letter of Agreement. To add it after your contract has been processed, the MTP Registrar. 

Opting out of buyer appointments requires a manual change to your registration record, which must be made prior to the opening of the online appointment request system. Deadline:  February 9, 2024.

Want to Learn More about the Appointment System?

Visit the Appointments page to learn more about how to schedule your Appointments at IPW and view appointment scheduling tutorials to set you up for success at IPW.