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Jeenie® Is the Official Language Assistance App of IPW

You’ve made a big investment in your appointments at IPW. Don’t depend on “good enough” for your communication with international partners.

We’ve all experienced the phenomenal outcome of an appointment at IPW when participants truly understand each other and can ask real questions. You are 10 times MORE likely to hear again from a business contact if your conversation took place in their language!

Don’t assume that your appointments will have sufficient English skills to comfortably understand the information you provide. With the Jeenie® Mobile App, you can have conversations in different languages at the tap of a button. Just select Video or Audio Call from the home screen on your smartphone or iPad and, in less than a minute, you’ll be connected to a bilingual translator for help in any of over a dozen languages.

Make sure you have a back-up plan! Put Jeenie® in your trade-show toolbox to avoid missing that great conversation.

Special discounts are available only for IPW participants who reserve in advance. Click the links below to learn more.


“I thought my English was good enough for meetings at IPW. But business conversations are hard to understand. One of my hosts used Jeenie! I had a native Chinese speaker translate our whole meeting. I understood more than I could on my own, and now we are working together.”

Quingjie Z from China at IPW 2019


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