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What is IPW?

U.S. Travel Association’s IPW is the leading international inbound travel trade show. It is a national showcase of America, where U.S. travel exhibitors connect with travel buyers and media from more than 60 countries to promote their product, negotiate future business and build relationships. IPW secures America’s position as a foremost global travel destination by increasing international visitation and showing the world the best of what the U.S. has to offer. Past IPWs generated over $5.5 billion in future travel to the United States.

What is my organization number and/or password?

Organization login codes are a 5-digit org ID and an alpha-numeric password used when submitting your initial online registration. You will generally access the online registration site through “Register Now” links on ipw.com and in promotional emails.

If you have attended IPW in the past, you should have received an email with your organization number and password for use when registering online. If you forgot your login codes or did not receive them, complete the Login Code Request form.

What is my individual number and/or password?

Individual login codes are a 7-digit individual ID and an alpha-numeric password (different from the organization password) used to access the My IPW portal (and the mobile app).

The individual ID number is your 5-digit company number (e.g., 12345) followed by a period and 1-2 additional digits, e.g. 12345.12.

Note: Only delegates registered for the current year’s trade show will have access to the My IPW portal.

Once registered for IPW, delegates can access the My IPW portal using their individual login codes to prepare for IPW. Sample actions include: Find Delegates, Create Prospect List, Update Organization Profile, View Invoices/Print Receipts, and Make Registration Changes/Additions. Note: Actions vary by registration category.

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What is the dress code?

Business or Business Casual during show hours. Casual for evening events.

Can I bring my spouse/guest/child to an evening event?

No. As the evening events are still considered a networking opportunity, no guests are allowed.

Can I purchase a ticket for the evening event?

No. If you are a registered delegate, the evening events are included in your registration fee.

How much does membership cost and what is a Board Level Member?

Visit U.S. Travel Association's Member Benefits page for information on membership benefits and fees. If you have a membership-related question, email Judith Harris, vice president, Member Services.

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