Exhibitor Buyer Program

Exhibitor buyer companies and registered delegates are subject to the approval of the U.S. Travel Association and the IPW Advisory Group, which is made up of exhibiting destinations and organizations.

New and returning exhibitor buyer organizations may be required to complete the online Exhibitor Buyer Qualification Questionnaire.

Approved exhibitor buyer companies may only register delegates who have the ability to negotiate and contract product. (Note: An individual cannot be registered as both an Exhibitor Buyer and as booth staff.) Individuals registered as an exhibitor buyer can only request appointments with those exhibitors who have not selected the Opt Out of Exhibitor Buyer Appointments Option.

Qualified exhibiting organizations are limited to the number of exhibitor buyers they may register.

Number of Exhibitor Buyer Registrations Allowed Per Exhibitor Type
Total Comp Paid
Exhibitor or MTP Booth (per 10 'x 10' booth) 6 2 4
Express Exhibitor Booth 4 1 3
Express MTP Booth n/a

Who Qualifies as an Exhibitor Buyer?

Below is a list of the types of companies that may be considered for the exhibitor buyer registration category under the stated conditions. Applicants should meet the majority of criteria under the respective category.

Most importantly, delegates must have the ability to negotiate and contract product.

Criteria to Attend

Receptive Tour Operators and BedBanks
  • U.S.-based organizations focused on international inbound travelers (50 percent or more of revenues generated from international).
  • Must be U.S.-based organization exhibiting at IPW.
  • Cannot register an individual as both exhibit booth staff and an exhibitor buyer.
  • Organization conducts business-to-business transactions.
Online Travel Agencies (OTAs)
  • U.S.- or international-based organizations with a focus on international inbound USA travelers.
  • Must be exhibiting at IPW.
  • Primary product should be offering combination of hotels, attractions, transportation, etc.
  • Organization must be in business for a minimum of three years and provide three current U.S. supplier references.
  • Feature multiple U.S. destinations/regions.
Marketing and Technology Providers (MTPs)
  • Must be exhibiting at IPW in the Marketing and Technology Pavilion.
  • Must be responsible for procurement and/or sourcing product. Staff in positions such as Business Development, Partner Marketing, or Media Services are NOT eligible to attend IPW as Exhibitor Buyers but should be registered as MTP booth staff under the Marketing and Technology Provider category.
  • Cannot register an individual as both MTP booth staff and an Exhibitor Buyer.

Ineligible Organizations

The following organizations do not qualify to register as exhibitor buyers under the new program, and should refer to the Domestic Buyer program for criteria and guidelines.

  • Domestic Tour Operators
  • Domestic Wholesalers
  • Domestic Retail Agencies/E-Commerce

Registration Information

Online registration requires organization login codes. If you attended as a buyer in the past and qualify for the new exhibitor buyer category, we will email you your organization login codes to submit your registration.

If you need organization login codes, please submit the brief Login Code Request Form. Due to the high volume of requests, we cannot guarantee that login code requests submitted fewer than 5 days in advance of a registration deadline will be processed in time for you to qualify for a particular registration fee discount or to submit your registration form before registration closes.

Learn the difference between organization login codes and individual login codes

What Is Included in My Registration?
Up to 42 pre-scheduled appointments with U.S. suppliers/exhibitors
All meals and related functions which are an official part of IPW
Destination experiences and post-familiarization tours
Year-long organization listing on ipw.com and online access to all registered U.S. exhibitors

Member Rates

To be eligible for the member rates, 2024 member dues must be paid by March 29, 2024, regardless of when the registration purchase was made. If the dues payment is not received by March 29, 2024, the Non-Member Rate will be applied to the IPW registration invoice (paid or unpaid) and balance billed.

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Hosted Housing

Your registration will not be considered valid and your hotel room will not be covered by U.S. Travel if you do not submit and accept a minimum of 25 appointments.

Notes to all Participants

  • IPW participants MAY NOT organize or sponsor any activities that conflict with the official IPW program or sponsored event during official conference hours. Violation of these terms may render the participant ineligible for future participation in IPW.
  • IPW does not offer a guest registration for family members, and no partial registration to attend only the IPW social events.

Additions and Changes

Registration additions, substitutions and changes may be made online via the My IPW portal (using individual login credentials).

Payment must be included for each additional registration; however, there is no charge for name changes or substitutions.

Cancellation Policy

Cancellation notices must be submitted by email.

In the event of a paid delegate cancellation, the registration fee will be refunded in full if written cancellation notice is received by U.S. Travel Association on or before February 23, 2024. Notices received February 24-March 22, 2024, will receive a 50 percent refund. No refunds will be granted for registration cancellations received after March 22, 2024.

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Note: Refunds due from credit card payments will be credited back to the credit card used for the original transaction. Refunds due from check payments will be refunded by check sent by U.S. mail. If you require the refund check to be sent by express mail, a $25 processing fee will be deducted from your amount due.

The U.S. Travel Association cannot be held liable for any financial responsibilities incurred on the part of individual delegates or organizations.